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Счета hyip мониторинга MonitorInvest.ru:
Liberty Reserve U2154878,
Perfect Money U1780574.

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New Listings:
Oct 14th, 2018
HourCheque Paying
1.45% - 1.54% HOURLY FOR 72 HOURS, 4.0% - 9.0% HOURLY FOR 48 HOURS, 13% - 19% HOURLY FOR 24 HOURS.
Coinshour Paying
700%-1500% after 1 day, 500%-2100% after 1 hour, 300%-3600% after 1 min
Oct 13th, 2018
CoinZinc Paying
1.45%-1.6% Hourly for 72 hours, 2.8%-3.3% Hourly for 40 hours, 13%-18% Hourly for 20 hours.
SuperBtc Paying
0.875% - 1.0% hourly for 120 hours, 1.57% - 2.0% hourly for 70 hours,6% -10% hourly for 36 hours, 25% - 35% hourly for 20 hours
Oct 12th, 2018
TrustHourDeposit Paying
0.88%-1.22% hourly For 120 Hours, 1.83%-3.06% Hourly For 60 Hours, 6.5%-20% Hourly For 20 Hours, 50% Daily For 10 Days, 100% Daily For 25 days, 0.6% Hourly For Ever
Oct 11th, 2018
MegaPassiveCycler (Ltd) Waiting
0.5% Daily For 600 Business Days, 5% Daily For 40 Business Days, 10% Daily for 20 Business Days, 20% Daily For 10 Business Days
Oct 10th, 2018
GlobalSafeDeposit Paying
300% after 1 day, 900% after 2 days, 1200% after 3 days, 600% after 1 hour, 1800% after 2 hours, 2400% after 3 hours.
Oct 9th, 2018
TradeLimited Paying
7.5-15% weekly for 91 days
DjPMCoin Not Paying
up to 15.5% hourly for 9 hours
GoldSeven Not Paying
Up to 21% per hour in 7 hours
Oct 8th, 2018
StoLoto Paying
Lottery with multi-million dollar winnings (State lottery)
0.5%-25% daily, for 356-10 business days; 14000%-800% after 100-30 business days
FaSaBa (FamilySavingsBank) Paying
0.8% Daily -1.2% Daily - 2% Daily - 3% Daily - 5% Daily - 8% Daily deposit in 5 months
Oct 7th, 2018
JoinDeposit Paying
0.58% - 0.64% hourly for 180 hours, 1.12% - 2.15% hourly for 96 hours, 10% - 18% hourly for 24 hours.

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Vip Invest Club 4740 days
AmmoTrade 4319 days
SnazGold 4302 days
www.topguntraffic.net 4256 days
InvestGold 4232 days
Plese-invest 4232 days
connect-investment 4230 days
blup-trade 4229 days
Real Estate Trade Union 4229 days
World Forex Fund 4229 days

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Non-Rotating Normal Banner
Starting from $-15/Week,Increase $5,The higher price the higher position.
Only $5/Week or $15/Month Available:18-10-24
Only $-15/Week or $-45/Month Available:18-10-31
LUXEARN PROPRIETARY LTD is an international investment company officially registered in Australia. The company is headquartered in Sydney but its activities span the entire globe through its powerful online platform luxearn.com. At this stage of online investment development, significant results can be achieve only by applying the latest advancements in science and innovative developments in the field of cyber technologies and distributed registry technology ? blockchain. The founders, management and close-knit team of top-class employees at LUXEARN PROPRIETARY LTD understand that in order to achieve their goals and run an effective business, it is necessary to deploy several techniques in their business idea promotion strategy to promote the company?s business. That?s why our strategy involves simultaneous and effective application of different ways of doing business, which are aimed at ensuring the company?s dominance in the investment market.
Added: Oct 8th, 2018
Our Rating: User Votes: 0 votes
Minimal Spend: 25$Maximal Spend: $No Limit
Referral: From 1% to 17% (depends of the investment plan chosen by your referral) Withdrawal: Manual
Our Investment: $25.00 Payout Ratio: 32%
Monitored Days: 9 Contact Info:
Plans: 0.5%-25% daily, for 356-10 business days; 14000%-800% after 100-30 business days
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