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Счета hyip мониторинга MonitorInvest.ru:
Liberty Reserve U2154878,
Perfect Money U1780574.

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Oct 21st, 2017
MyBitCash Waiting
1%-5% For 90-200 Days, 200%-300% After 15-25 Months, 10%-16.5% Monthly For 15-25 Months.
Oct 18th, 2017
FastRise Problem
Earn from 11% to 18% an hour, for 10 hours
Oct 17th, 2017
KFKSolution Problem
1% daily for 120 days, 2,5% daily for 100 days, 5% daily for 70 days.PROMOTION for BITCOIN investors Invest 1000$ and more - GET 100% BONUS Invest 500$-999$ - GET 50% BONUS Invest 100$-499$ - GET 25% BONUS
Oct 16th, 2017
TotalHourly Paying
3% Daily for 50 Days, 21% Hourly for 5 Hourly.
Oct 15th, 2017
StoLoto Paying
Lottery with multi-million dollar winnings (State lottery)
Capitalist Assets - capas.biz Paying
1% - 2% - 5% a day for 45 days
Bit-Trade Not Paying
9.00%-10.00% Daily For Lifetime
Oct 14th, 2017
TradeLimited Paying
7.5-15% weekly for 91 days
2.1% for 100 working days
Oct 13th, 2017
5% Daily For 30 Days, 933% After 15 days
YourProfitHourly Problem
102%-110%-125%-135%-150% after 1 hour principle include
Aurum-Bank Not Paying
0.8%-17% daily, for 260-15 trading days; 6500%-400% after 110-20 trading days

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www.topguntraffic.net 3897 days
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Plese-invest 3873 days
connect-investment 3871 days
blup-trade 3870 days
Real Estate Trade Union 3870 days
World Forex Fund 3870 days

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Added: Oct 8th, 2017
Our Rating: User Votes: 0 votes
Minimal Spend: 11$Maximal Spend: $13585$
Referral: 3% Withdrawal: Instant
Our Investment: $250.00 Payout Ratio: 89%
Monitored Days: 15 Contact Info:
Plans: The package 1 Mh/s Cost is $11, the Package 5 Mh/s Cost is $55, the Package 10 Mh/s Cost is $110, the Package 50 Mh/s Cost is $550, the Package 100 Mh/s Cost is $1089, the Package 200 Mh/s Cost is $2156, the Package 500 Mh/s Cost is $5335, the Package 100
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