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Счета hyip мониторинга MonitorInvest.ru:
Liberty Reserve U2154878,
Perfect Money U1780574.

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Dec 13th, 2017
G6P ( Go6Percent - g6p.org ) Waiting
Tariff plans: 1. 1.5% a day it is termless 2. 6% a day are termless 3. 3% a day are termless
Investment-Lover Problem
12% - 25% a day for 10 days
Dec 12th, 2017
BitClube Not Paying
7% - 9% for 22 working days, 10% - 12% for 22 working days,102% - 105% for 1 working days (After 1 Day)
Dec 11th, 2017
Wealththeme Paying
2.5% Daily for 60 Days, 3% Daily for 50 Days, 3.2% Daily for 45 Days, 3.7% Daily for 40 Days, 4.3% Daily for 35 Days, 5% Daily for 30 Days
Dec 10th, 2017
PayInstantly Paying
500% After 1 day, 500% After 1 hour, 500% After 1 min.
Dec 9th, 2017
Invest888 Paying
2,1% daily for 88 days
BitcoHourly Paying
0.87%-1.00% hourly for 120 hours, 1.5%-2.5% hourly for 72 hours, 10.0%-20.0% hourly for 24 hours.
CoinSipo Paying
1.18%~1.27% Hourly for 90 hours, 2.75%~3.25% Hourly for 40 hours, 12%~16% Hourly for 20 hours.
Dec 8th, 2017
TrustyHour Paying
0.86% - 0.93% hourly for 120 hours, 1.52% - 1.86% hourly for 70 hours, 30% - 45% hourly for 12 hours.

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Added: Nov 28th, 2017
Our Rating: User Votes: 0 votes
Minimal Spend: 10 rubMaximal Spend: $No Limin
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Plans: Lottery with multi-million dollar winnings (State lottery)
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